Pet Portraits

Welcome to my Pet Portrait Website!

Having always been an animal lover, I was naturally drawn to them when I started painting. All animals, and for me especially dogs, are fantastic subjects with whom I definitely feel an emotional and spiritual connection. A connection which I feel is apparent in the finished work. Seeing my client's emotional response to their beloved pet's finished portrait is, for me, a very rewarding experience.

Some Comments:

"Just wanted to tell how thrilled and pleased I was with the surprise portrait done of Monty. I even started to cry, I was so happy!!"

"...You captured their essence and put it to canvas. A true artist! "

" I cried when the painting came today. I can't believe you captured Benson so perfect... "

Dog Album 1      Dog Album 2     Dog Album 3

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I would welcome any comments or feedback on either my work or my website. Enjoy!

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